Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows:
May 5th - Cinco DeMayo - Tap 25, Stowe, VT.
May 28th - Private Party - Marlborough, NH.
July 3rd - Sunset Beach Fireworks, 6pm, Harrisville, NH.
July 5th - Oxbow Park - 5:30-7:30, Morrisville, VT.
July 7th - Stowe Balloon Fest, Stowe, VT.
July 8th - Balloon Fest, StoweFlake Resort, VT.
July 22nd - Bridgton Highlands Country Club, Bridgton, ME.
August 5th - Private Party - Dublin, NH.
August 19th - Private Party - Walcott, VT.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Cactus Cafe - Stowe Vermont

The Brothers have been playing the Cinco De Mayo party at the Cactus Cafe (Stowe VT), in one form or another, for over 15 years! We were scheduled to play again this year but unfortunately the Cactus Cafe will be closing on April 29th. We are thankful to all of the people over the years that made Cinco such a blast! Special thanks to Monique and Doehne for sticking with us and allowing us to be part of such a great tradition for so many years! We will miss it, thankfully we have a decade and a half of great memories to carry with us.
 Brother Jim will be playing at the final party on April 29th! Head on down to see all of the happy faces, hear great music, and thank the folks at the Cactus.
"Play something good!"